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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

New Year, (k) new you?

It's already week two of classes and you are getting the hang of it. I hope!  Isn’t there a saying that “time flies when you are having fun”.  Let’s hope it is the case for many of you.

This new semester brings along a new routine in classes, work, volunteering, and fun times to adjust to.  Let us not forget a new set of faculty, expectations, and the different styles of teaching.  Most importantly, an introduction to new or more in depth course materials: some interesting and some just plain difficult to get through the 1st paragraph.   You would think that you are in a beginner's Latin class, but your schedule and textbook says PSY 101 - Introduction to Psychology. 

These changes give you an opportunity to evaluate and better understand your strengths and weaknesses.  We all have some.  Some of us are great writers, researchers, public speakers, shmoozers, etc…  Although we only want to highlight our strengths, acknowledging and working on our areas of weakness is also key. 

MSU offers tons of resources to help in these two areas.   Just in case you don't know, check out the following university resources: (Or the one nearest you!!)

  •              Learning Resources Center: Coordinates tutoring for most introductory as well as upper level courses.  Help with time management, note and test taking, etc, etc…
  •       Writing Center: Most of us need help looking better on paper.  Always have difficulty generating interesting topics? Not sure why and how to use punctuation? Run on thoughts and ideas: One sentence does not make a paragraph.  Help is available.
  •             Math Learning Center: Most will wait until the last minute to tackle the least favorite subject: Don’t. 
  •       Professor’s office hours: Know who they are: Dr. XXX and where you can reach them.  Don’t just go and complain after the test.  Go regularly to discuss a lecture, clarify assignments and create a good impression.  If you are looking for a Psychology professor, we have a list available in room 100 Psychology Building
Utilizing these resources can be beneficial and make the difference between good and great.

While you are looking into University resources, also check our website with information on:
Psychology Monthly Newsletter: January edition
Service & Intern flyer

If all else fails, one additional piece of information to keep in mind is this: dropping with full refund is February 1.
Stay tuned for our next tidbits....

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