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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Welcome Back!!!

Summer is over and a new academic year is upon us.  It is time to dust off the notebooks, textbooks thrown in the corner of the desk, as well as the cobwebs that have covered and fogged our minds since early May.  Time to put on the thinking caps, and get back into the swing of school.  Before you do so, keep these things in mind:

Just a few notes on the Psychology major at Michigan State University.  We are the biggest major at MSU, with close to 1700 students.  Our students are diverse in their field of study, career path, and experience.  No two students are the same.  The onus is on the student to actively engage in their learning.  You can do so in a variety of ways that can prove very beneficial at the end of the semester and your academic career:

  1. Make a concerted effort to learn and know the names of all your professors.  Visit office hours to discuss class assignments, projects and just get some insights on a particular career.
  2. Getinvolved through research, volunteering, internships, student groups, etc…
  3. Spend time outside of class reading and studying for your class.  Keep in mind that with a 12 credit load, you must spend 36 hours in preparation and studies (no kidding). Otherwise, you are a full time student but only applying yourself part time.
  4. Meet with your academic advisor: With the first week of class starting, the Undergraduate Psychology Advising Office is swamped.  We have lots of students coming through the office during walk-in hours to check on fall schedules, graduation, getting forms signed, etc… It is important that you keep this meeting brief.  We would like to see as many students as possible. Check the appointment system to schedule an appointment soon for more detailed advising.
  5. Read University and Department communications.  Students miss out on important information about events, scholarships, and upcoming meetings because they do not check their University emails. Your MSU email is the official communication mechanism and must be utilized. We use this system to send out the PSY monthly newsletter, appointment updates, etc…  Check your email!!!
Our websites also have tons of valuable information about upcoming events, degree requirements, faculty, etc…  Take time to visit the Undergraduate webpage and learn more about your major and department.

We are trying to stay current with new technology.  So, check our weekly blog on the ins and outs of psychology. If you are interested in submitting a piece to be posted, contact me.  I would love to expand what we do.

On that note, I will leave you ‘til next week….

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