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Friday, December 6, 2013

Survival skills to help you survive and thrive

The Holiday season is already upon us.  The semester is about to end and a new year will soon begin.  For many of us this time of year brings laughter, joy, trepidation and also stress.

While in school and also dealing with life’s stressors: work, anxiety, depression, abuse, addiction, financial problems, family discord, etc…  The list can be long for some, but it all equates to how do you function and maintain balance and sanity. 

How do you deal with life's stressors while trying to maintain a good academic record?  Some are able to deal with just 4-5 hours of sleep, piles of homework, and also work a part-time job.  If you are not superman or wonder-woman, (which most of us fall short of) then you may struggle with this load.  Consider the following:
1.      Seek professional help.  It is okay to do so.  Many in our society consider this type of help unnecessary.  However, they are not in your shoes and do not know your reality.  Our institution offers help for students and current employees, use it.  The MSU counseling center offers a range of services and referrals.  Also if you are covered through a guardian/parent health care (MSU HR), you may have access to mental health coverage.  Knowing when to seek help and support is important.
2.      Have an outlet where you can escape: physical exercise: yoga, running, boxing, go to a movie, knit, etc...
3.      Have a support/network system that can stand by you when needed.  It may be a religious experience, retreat, or organization. 

Whatever it may be for you, it is something that you should establish before the struggle begins.  It is a "human" process and, what really matters, is the ability to cope and come out on top.

Have a safe and happy Holiday Season!!!

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