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Monday, March 2, 2015

March 2015 Student Spotlight

Meet Amanda Farhat
Research: Klump Lab
Faculty:  Dr. Kelly Klump
Amanda currently volunteers as an undergraduate research assistant and during the Fall 2014 semester enrolled in PSY 490 to receive credit and a grade for her work in the lab. As such, her duties include being available to run participants in our study on two weekdays, and rotating weekends. In addition, as a research assistant, Amanda completes various other tasks in the lab ranging from data entry, prepping hormone samples to be shipped and analyzed, preparing materials for assessments, and mailing our participants information prior to us meeting with them 
here at the lab.

Amanda not only excels in the tasks assigned to her, she has also demonstrated a true commitment to the research being conducted in our lab. Amanda continually volunteers to run additional participant assessments and to help with any tasks that may come up unexpectedly. Furthermore, Amanda has continually shown leadership in making our lab a more organized and efficient place for all staff and volunteers, as well as teamwork in helping her fellow research assistants excel as well.

Amanda has volunteered during her holiday vacations to run assessments, and complete other lab tasks, on top of volunteering throughout the school year. In addition, Amanda has shown leadership in providing additional training and help to our new research assistants. Due to Amanda's outstanding performance she was given the honor of being the Klump Lab Research Assistant of the Month for September of 2014.

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